Biker Lube was founded in 2012 by a man that wanted to bring fun to the Biker World.

Located in York, PA, which is home to one of the legendary motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, as well as other legendary manufacturers like Independent Cycles East, who are proud to be a part of the Biker Lube Rally.

Biker Lube has developed a signature brand of products from their legendary Fliptop Cigpak to their Aluminum Bottle Hard Core look. Biker Lube not only has some of the best lube in the business but some really cool support products to their brand. Clothing for the Biker as well as the College hell-raiser.

Biker Lube also offers games like Biker Lube Wrestling, Biker Lube Slide Racing, Biker Lube Stripper Pole Climbing and Biker Lube Circle Jerk.